Evolving Book

The Evolving Book

Curated by Alan Macmillan Orr author of the base work, published in 2009 as “The Natural Mind – Waking Up, going behind words on a personal deconstruction of what it meant for him to be human. Now in its 13th year, but available for the first time online since 2012.

We use words so frivolously without any thought of the true meaning behind them. Together we will go behind the words, and investigate what they mean to us, how we feel when we use them, and how these words ultimately affect life as we know it.

The new release in Autumn 2022 sees new topics and new dialogues but still focussing on how we think, why we think the way we do, and how it is possible for the human mind (the three pound walnut) to foster personal evolution in our own lifetime.

It has been said that Man’s greatest challenge is to stand alone” and stand alone I do, with you. Together.

How can one mind make a fundamental change in the world. To create a more evolved individual with compassion and the fundamental desire to create a new way of thinking for the benefit of all others? .

Let’s get one thing clear. I do not want you to agree with me. I couldn’t care less if you agree with me, or like my work. This is all about you. If you find something distasteful or that you fundamentally disagree with, instead of hating me, question “Why am I thinking this way?” It is the only way to evolve the mind or it will forever be stuck in a loop of conditioning and prejudices without you ever knowing why you think that way.

This book is non-linear, although It is an A to Z ..search for topics which interest you and collate them as you wish. Some topics will be of no interest. But remember Everything is important in understanding what it means to be human. This is my personal journey. Create your own Book!

Enjoy the journey with me. Click the Logo below for a random topic to engage with!