Ariana Sailing Team

This is Ariana

Welcome on board Ariana, my home, and home of Ariana’s Kitchen, The Sail Trader, Ariana Radio, and Ariana Ocean Sailing Team. (more on the projects later).

She is an amazing machine! Built in Finland by Nautor’s, she is a Sparkman and Stephens designed Swan 55, launched in 1972, number 11 of 16.

Frequently called the Rolls Royce of the sea, the Swan 55 is one of the finest ocean racers/cruisers ever built, designed to withstand any weather, and sea state. We have sailed her in Force 10 and she comfortably takes it in her stride, whilst keeping the off watch crew safe and warm down below, although the on watch crew tend to get a bit wet! (See below).

Over the last 4 years we have taken dozens of people adventure sailing in the Atlantic, but with the new projects about to start, sailing on Ariana will be by invitation only.

More on Ariana Soon!