Why Everyone Hates Vegans (Including Me)

Why does everyone hate the Vegans? They are doing a good thing aren’t they? They don’t eat meat, which is good for the animals, and apparently the environment, they don’t wear animal products either; also good for the animals! Seems like they’re basically good people, right?

I interviewed someone recently for Ariana Radio and here’s an excerpt for you…

Alan Mac: Hi, Can I ask you what you if you’re a Vegan?

Steve: Vegan? What? What you talking about?

Alan Mac: I’m interviewing people to ask them about Veganism, and if they would ever try it.

Steve: Bloody Vegans, always forcing their opinions onto other people. Why don’t they just f*** off and get off their high horses, always preaching to people, as if they’re better people.

Alan Mac: Wouldn’t you agree that humans are eating too much meat which is bad for their health and bad for the environment?

Steve: I couldn’t give a S*** I’ll eat what I like.

Most of the people I interviewed felt the same, and those who have been trying and even enjoying new “Plant Based Foods ” whatever that means would never think of going Vegan.

Here’s the top 10 List of why people wouldn’t go Vegan.

  1. Man is a meat eater
  2. Man needs protein from meat
  3. Man is an omnivore
  4. Vegans are angry people
  5. Vegans try to push their ideas onto others
  6. Vegans are worse are extremists
  7. Vegans don’t wash
  8. Vegans are self righteous
  9. Vegans are hypocrites
  10. Vegans smell


After reviewing all the interviews I realised that I had to agree with several points; The Vegans are self righteous hypocrites, all part of a smelly brainwashing cult set on trying to enforce their extremist views on the rest of us tax paying, law abiding citizens…

They consume their Tofu Thai Curry without a thought to the destruction soyabean plantations are causing the rainforests, or the dirty diesel cargo ships shipping their Quinoa from Bolivia, or eating their fresh fruit and vegetables that have come from Peru, Kenya, and other far away places, and most wrapped in plastic packaging.

I think the meat eaters are right. As one interviewee, Sheila from Weymouth said;

“I like eating meat but I buy local sustainability farmed beef, and living by the seaside, eat sustainably caught fish and seafood, and if I stopped eating fish my husband wouldn’t have a job as a fisherman, then who would feed our family? I do eat lots of vegetables though, and I’m not against people choosing not to eat meat but it’s a free country, and I pay tax so I can do what I want. I’m not hurting anyone. Maybe the vegans should remember the decent hard working farmers out there before they protest

I have to agree, and I have decided to start a campaign to let the vegans know that the decent hard working people of this country aren’t interested in their hippy, self righteous views, and remember that we live in a democracy, not a dictatorship.

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Alan Mac