I went to McDonald’s!

So today whilst shopping in Weymouth for some new chews for everyone’s favourite Labrador,Hari …I passed a McDonald’s…

Hmmm I haven’t had one of those for years thought I …

Fast forward 15 minutes and there I was standing patiently waiting for the 11 o’ clock bell to strike signifying breakfast be over, and lunch could begin…

I used to love a Maccas but since I started thinking about what I was eating haven’t returned for many years due to them not having any meatless options (as it is a burger joint I have been constantly reminded) and them nice McDonald’s people not being very ethical, or environmentally friendly.

I was quite excited to see that they had a Plant Based burger and some veggie nuggets certified Vegan! But no sooner than I had taken possession of my paper bag full of boxes, plastic sauces and about 20 napkins, and took the first bite of my curried slop,deep fried and sold as nuggets and dipped a limp piece of chip into the heinz ketchup, sipped couloured sugar water through a paper straw that started to deconstruct after the second sip (there’s a reason they use plastic for straws),and taken a bite of my mushy plant burger with an avalanche of iceberg lettuce spilling on the floor out the sides of the bun …..

That I had a revelation …

The reason McDonald’s should be avoided is not for the following reasons .

  • Intensive beef farming is bad for the environment and the beef
  • Takeaway food and drink is responsible for a large part of the litter problem worldwide.
  • Encouraging young peiple to make unhealthy food choices
  • Shipping many thousands of tons of ingredients all around the world every day which uses huge energy resources
  • Generating a huge amount of food,plastic, and paper waste every day even if some of it is recycled..

No Ladies and Gentlemen the real reason that everyone in the entire world should boycott McDonald’s is because,quite frankly, the food is appalling (feel free to use any other word here)

Mc Lovin It? definitely not!