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Media Attention Deficit Disorder!

I call it M.A.D.D. for short! I quite like that!

So last week I decided to relieve myself of the strain of endless scrolling looking for interesting content, going from App to App, scrolling reels, videos, ads, deciding what to remove from my feed and what to include, checking friend’s stories, commenting, reading comments, getting annoyed at some posts, laughing at videos… All within two minutes max.

A friend in marketing recently told me I need to work on my short form content, make it concise and quickly consumable, a little bit like takeaway food.

There’s no time you see, things have to be done quickly, rapido, right now, tout suite!.. Everyone’s too busy you see. Everyone has very busy lives, the children, the job, the house, the dog, the friends, the lovers, the wives and the husbands..and of course their virtual lives which need to be attended to regularly.

Imagine the office working city dweller who does Pre breakfast yoga, followed by breakfast on the go, commuting into work, updating insta, tiklytok, twit, facething, reading, scrolling, clicking, tutting, laughing, frowning, crying, commenting, deciding on which Like button to choose. Are you shocked, was it funny, did it make you angry? Make sure you click the correct emoji… Now grab another takeaway chocca mocca skinny soy latter half caf decaf, run to work, check the news, that depresses them, then have a stressful day at work, and repeat on the way home… grab a drink, or six, and relax by turning on the tv or the news and then have some chill time on the phone chatting/scrolling/liking/commenting…

It’s enough to drive anyone mad!

And people are surprised when I tell them that I’m no longer on social media, nor scroll the news constantly. There’s enough content in the real world to consume…

Slow down Cavemen, you’re not equipped for this…

Don’t go MADD, give yourself some space for your brain to breathe!