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Human Thought

Thinking – The Poison and The Cure?

Many people have asked me what I do, and when I reply that I help people understand why they think the way they do, and in doing so help them become an independent thinker; free from human conditioning, traditions, culture, in order to evolve their minds, they invariably say, “Yes, but what do you actually do?”

You see, helping people understand the way they think, and why they think that way, isn’t seen as a “proper” job, not least by my exasperated father, ex girlfriends, and friends…

Some people say, why don’t you work for a charity and help people who are really in need, or donate money, or just get a job! Or how can you help people with thinking, you’re not a psychologist, you didn’t study at university… So inevitably I normally make up something that sounds more plausible. A “job” that people can recognise.

As I live aboard my sailboat, people ask me whether I do charters, or racing, so I just tell people I am the skipper of a sailing team and that seems to satisfy their curiosity. I can’t be bothered going into it any more than that, and they wouldn’t want me to!

Coming from a background as a troubleshooter in Information Technology Systems, I believe that getting to the root cause of a problem is the only way to “fix” any code that is causing problems at the end of the program. It is more difficult, more time consuming, and may seem like a waste of time, but I can assure you, it isn’t.

Example 1: If people are being killed by guns, just taking away the guns will not solve the problem,(although in the short term it will help). People intent on killing others will find another ingenious way to carry out their nefarious acts as they have been for thousands of years.

Locking them up, sanctioning them, negotiating with them, torturing them or reforming them, won’t work, as by the time you get to this point, the deed is done.

I am not saying this is easy, it most certainly isn’t. And I alone cannot hope to help Seven Billion people understand their own thinking, and transcend old thought patterns to help the human world become a more peaceful, evolved place! That would take me a million lifetimes, and probably wouldn’t work.

The real problem is that as a global society, we focus on educating people for “jobs” from a young age….How often have you asked children “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

A rounded education is part of the same conditioning process that gets people ready to “join the workplace, find a marriage partner, have children, get a mortgage etc…

Of course some societies are focused not on giving people a rounded education but in indoctrinating them with religious beliefs, supporting the “party” , or leader, joining the armed forces to protect the “nation”, or even not bothering to educate them at all as their role is merely to have children and look after their husband…

But it all comes down to the human mind. The contents of which are visible in the world we live in every day.

Isn’t it incredible that something so small that weighs about three pounds can be responsible for so much creativity, inventiveness, cruelty, thoughtfulness and thoughtlessness. That a human brain can develop agriculture to feed the people, and at the same time create a bomb to destroy the people?

We are truly a unique species on this planet!

Fear and hatred can coexist in the same mind that loves and creates. How is this possible? No wonder we have so many people with mental illness on the planet!

When I talk about mental illness, I am not talking about adhd, autism, anxiety, ocd, bi polar, schizophrenia etc.. I am talking about people who on the surface appear “sane” but when you analyse their actions can be described as anything but sane!

Leaders who invade other countries and kill their citizens in the name of “war”

Husbands/wives who coerce, control, manipulate, abuse their partners at home but are the nicest people in public

Countries and their leaders who make it a crime to disagree with the leadership

Men who lie in wait for a victim to rape and murder, but who have a wife and children at home

Governments who torture “enemies of the state” but invite friends of the state for dinner

Businessmen who kill billions of animals every year seen as successful employers

Children who taunt and bully others because they are weaker

Ex partners who murder their ex because of jealousy

Companies that destroy the environment in the name of profits

People who cheat and steal from others

People who kill others because their beliefs are not aligned with theirs

Need I go on?

All the above are examples of the human mind in action.

So the next person who tells me that human thought is not the root cause of all the world’s problems can also explain to me why they “think” that is!

I look forward to that conversation.