Information. Thinking. Being human. Part 1

It seems that it was only yesterday that I was born, even though I have been alive for 19,543 days. I’m not really sure what I did with all those days but if I was to imagine every second, every minute, every hour, I’d say that I wasted most of that time.

Much as I’d like to say that I’ve had a fulfilling life, in my mind, I am just drifting along towards a certain death without having achieved or understood anything worthwhile, despite evidence to the contrary.

I’ve had good jobs sometimes, I’ve learned a lot about myself, tried to help people, learned new skills, had exciting adventures, been in love, but I’ve also hated, myself and others, got drunk a lot to avoid difficult feelings, lied, been unkind, amongst other things, but I want to evolve, to understand this life I live, why I’m here on earth, where the earth “is,” to find out my origin, and where if anywhere “I” continue to exist as “me” after my heart gives out, or I die some other way, in a horrible accident, or am murdered! WHat a nice thought.

I’ve always been a thinker, or at least have spent an awful long time with my own thoughts, and decided to try and make sense of my own brain, and thereby help others make sense of their own “three pound walnuts” by writing a definitive deconstruction to the human mind, “The Natural MInd – Waking Up, downloaded by millions of people all over the world, reviewed positively and negatively, with some people calling me a narcissist, deluded, a dreamer, and maybe they were right….

Fortunately, I’ve always had a good sense of humour, and always take negative comments in my stride… What? Of course I don’t.. I hate it! I can’t understand why people would want to write negative things about me, or indeed any people or their work… Imagine if Steve from Accounts got reviewed in public every week on his performance producing reports, or if the checkout girl at the supermarket had her character assassinated every day live on twitter, or if there was an in depth review into how the petrol station attendant served customers in The Times? Seems unbelievable, doesn’t it? Why would anyone want to read about that? Surely the only people who “deserve” to read nasty reviews are those who put themselves in the public eye, and are a writer, singer, artist, musician, or actor, right? They only have themselves to blame! But every second of the day, people are reviewing their peers live on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram by liking, or commenting on their posts, and people are either feeling on a high because of a positive thumbs up, or feeling hurt after a negative comment…. What a waste of everyone’s life, with people spending upwards of two hours a day mindlessly scrolling for something to interest them…It also uses huge amounts of energy, both personal, and in the form of electricity running the millions of social media servers all over the world… But hey, you have the right to do what you like, right?

#Theinternet has #changed the way we consume information, they say, people only want #shortformcontent what ever that is? I on the other hand consume information the long way, so watching mind-bendingly idiotic videos on the #socials has no appeal for me…Don’t get me wrong, I love humour, the sillier the better… if it makes me laugh it brightens my day, far more than reading the constant news streams designed to frighten the general population, or control them, telling them what and how to think…

But the Internet was designed to share information freely, and in this day and age of curtailed press freedoms all over the world, it is something we should cherish as not a human right, but a gift, not something we use just to get off to porn, (one of the largest search terms), or watching people do stupid stuff…or watching someone teach us how to cook a lasagne, a thai green curry, or bangers and mash…

The first problem is the amount of content…. No one curates the internet, and nor should they, lest it be called censorship, and what content there is! Over a billion websites serving out trillions of words, advert upon advert, trying to sell us everything from drugs to eternal love to vacuum cleaners, to guns, to sex services, to cars, to vegetables, to pornography, all mixed in with billions of social media images and videos, blended in with a fine array of sites featuring child pornography, fraudulent schemes , hatred and religious extremism, racism, and of course amongst all the “regular” users you have your sexual deviants, predators, criminals, fraudsters, schemers, government agents, liars, manipulators, murderers etc…

Of course defining a “regular” user is difficult, as everyone looks exactly the same behind the comfort of a computer screen, because of course, everything can be manipulated online – especially profile pictures, so instead of a teenager chatting with someone their own age, they could be chatting with a 53 year old intent on causing them harm…People may say that is the exception, and maybe it is but no one really knows anyone on the internet… especially their motives.

Lastly we have the serial commenters, who take pleasure in causing misery to other people by posting nasty messages about the poster’s appearance,

The poor old internet, designed as a way of sharing educational material, manipulated by humans for their own ends, namely power, money, and control, and used by billions of our ever expanding population, who think that the people “running” the internet are benevolent humans with their best interests at heart…

All that technology, all that brain power that went into inventing the computer and the communication methods to make it all talk to each other, so people can do online shopping, dating, promote hate, political ideology, and pursue goals that do not have the future evolution of the population at heart, let alone that of our only home, earth.

I believe that there is nothing “social” about social media, or the mainstream media… and that companies like facebook, and twitter are actually helping to keep the world less social. Everywhere you look people are glued to their smartphones, consuming and posting content, that is at best harmless fun, and at worst manipulative and dangerous, or just downright nasty.

Governments all over the world control access to social/independent media just in case people read something they don’t want them to, but governments have always tried to control the people, not just the obvious ones you read about in the news. Every government is pursuing its own ideology, whether it be capitalist, communist or any ist. Everyone has their own agenda.

I’m alan macmillan orr and I know you, not because I have been stalking you online, but because I’m just like you – human, although we probably think differently. I do not al

I have listened to thousands of conversations over the years, and I can assure you that people are the same in real life or behind the computer, because humans are very good at hiding who they really are…the difference in real life is being able to see behind the screen

Although I can’t analyse the data in their three pound walnut, people generally represent the inside on the outside (unless they are master manipulators, spies, or actors!

If you want to know what’s in people’s walnuts you only have to read or watch the news, and although you may think we are evolving into a more caring, less violent species, think again… Whether people live in an authoritarian state, or a democracy, they contain the same thoughts that their ancestors did 5000 years ago… They can be Superficial, Angry, Violent. Cruel. Loving, Caring, Thoughtful, it just depends on the situation they find themselves in.

Imagine the compassionate charity worker, peaceful, and thoughtful, who finds his daughtered raped and murdered. What thoughts go through his mind then? Surely not compassion I would wager.

The woman who on the surface has a perfect life but is controlled and abused by her high flying husband, may speak and behave one way in public to save face, but inside is in emotional turmoil.

Some people are just “evil” they say, but unless “evil” is hard coded into some people’s genetics, I’d have to argue that “evil” thoughts and actions have to be learned, despite what the media tells us.

I never comment on any specific regime, leader, or person by name as I believe that underneath the conditioning, the nationalism, culture, the upbringing, the environment, everyone is the same – they are all trying to make sense of being human, despite evidence to the contrary.

They problem as I see it, is that most people have no idea why they think the way they do…so they just blast through life as they see fit, without thinking why am I thinking/ behaving like this?

So all the wars, violence, murders, cruelty, desires, torture, have to do with people not knowing why they are thinking the way they do? What a load of rubbish! Some people are just evil, the rest of us are just trying to make a living and bring up our families in peace.

The problem can be broken down quite simply.

“If I understand that the default human thought is “I was born with no hatred, nor love of country, not a follower or creator of ideology, a sexual predator, a murderer, a criminal, not greedy, jealous, or religious, didn’t care about money, status, possessions, appearance, but I was born a compassionate, loving being, here to experience a short fulfilling life here on this beautiful earth, everything which is contrary to that must be a bolt-on to the default human experience.

Normally people who express this kind of thinking are branded deluded, unrealistic, or utopians, but as the dictionary definition of Utopia is

  1. An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects.
  2. A work of fiction describing a utopia.
  3. An impractical, idealistic scheme for social and political reform.

I beg to differ. I am not a utopian, deluded, or unrealistic.. The earth we live upon, which is the only known place to us able to support complex life in all its myriad forms is already a utopia, or lets put it more simply – Perfect. Every being on this earth is perfect. Every plant, animal, grain of sand, or ocean is perfect… Try living on the moon!

The only thing imperfect is Man’s thinking.. and I include myself in this, although I am trying to find the pure thinking that I believe we are all supposed to experience…to help us evolve to be the compassionate, creative species I know we are.

Make no mistake, our large brains have created some amazing things, to make things better for us including nuclear weapons that have the ability to blow us all to pieces and destroy the planet in the push of a red button… Human ingenuity at its finest.

So what are we to do?

The news reports the latest in death and destruction every day, because that’s what gets readers and viewers, they report untruths on behalf of governments and despots, they report biased stories based on the political/religious views of the paper/station owner, and are therefore not trustworthy sources, but neither are the general public posting on social media.. The fact remains that the “news” has not changed in thousands of years, but the way it is presented by people in suits and great studio sets has. If we want the news to change we have to change and the way we change is by understanding why we think the way we do and evolving our thinking.

What I want to know is why people want to report the news? What is the content of their thinking to do such a “job” and while we’re at it, would they still do that job if they weren’t being paid money to do it?

And while we’re on the subject of money, would anyone do the job they were doing if they weren’t being paid money to do it? I know I would. I spend my life and all my money trying to help people think differently, a job that is not only not appreciated, but also pays no money. I frequently have zero money in my account, so you would have to question why I do the things I do when they are not financially beneficial!! Because I believe what I am doing is important to me. Much more than earning money to pay taxes to help sustain a society that I think is fundamentally flawed, and ruled by people who not only do not have my best interests at heart, but would not do the job they do if they were not paid money to do it.

Everyone needs money they cry . Governments need money they cry. Charities need money they cry. But what they really need is people like you and I who don’t care about money but want to help humanity evolve …. because you see no amount of money can help society evolve the human mind …but individual humans can evolve their own minds ..gratis! Free of charge..no money required ..think about it …

I only wish I could create a YouTube video to help you do this in under a minute because that seems to be most people’s attention span these days… but I can’t, because you see its much more complex than a quick YouTube or Facebook video despite people telling you otherwise!

Part 2 is coming soon…