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A Better World starts with?

If like me you would like to see a better world, repeat after Me- a better world starts with a better me. This is the message I give myself every day.

Of course I’m not the first person to say this but I hope I’m one of the last.

People who think deeply about themselves and their relationship to all others understand that forcing people to change, even if we think it would be for the “better” is akin to authoritarian governments controlling their “citizens” behaviour, shaping how they think, and what they talk about..

If I force you to be a peaceful, compassionate person who loves all, no matter what species, am I any better than the man who forces you to serve his country in war?

So how do you create a better me? That is up to you to find out, but I guarantee the journey will be worth it.

Myself, your fellow humans, and all the inhabitants of planet earth, whether they be four legged, flap their wings, or swim in the sea thank you.

You see, it is only YOU who can make this change, this difference in the world, not a government, or charity or other non governmental organisation, or anyone else who wants to “fix” the world in their image.

But don’t listen to me. What do I know?