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Why do anything good?

Sometimes I really wonder why I bother! Every good deed I do seems to go unrewarded! As far as I can see I’m the one who has ended up suffering! That can’t be right can it? The more I push to help, the more the world pushes back. Maybe that’s the way it is when you try to change something that doesn’t want to be changed.

I have spent over 20 years trying to make a  better me so I can help you create a better you, but as I travel around I realise that no one cares, not about me, the world they live in, their neighbours, people of different colours, races, religions, places.

People care about one thing – themselves. They are in a word self-obsessed.

And maybe that’s how we evolved or were created depending on your viewpoint.

The way I see it, the world is mainly filled with greedy, unthinking,uncaring, ignorant,malicious,violent, money snd power hungry, sex crazed liars, intent on creating a world that is worse because of them.

Cynical? Probably. Right? Definitely.

But the fact that you’re reading this means you are not one of those people, and I congratulate you on your excellent thinking processes. I am sure that your actions and the consequences which arise from them are already having benefit in the world.

In case your excellent thinking processes have not yet spawned spontaneous actions to dedicate yourself to do good deeds in the world.

Not in the name of God, your religion, your community, your government, your company, or your charity, but in YOUR name.

But…you might say that there are plenty of people doing good work and you pay your taxes and anyway you’re busy, and you haven’t got time for all this… and actually why should you, no one ever helped you…

And I say continue with your life and move on. Let’s pretend we never had this conversation. Close this page and have a good day.