The Problem With Thinking

And yes there is a problem.

I constantly tell people to use the power of their minds to evolve themselves to the very core of their being, but, (as I have found out to my detriment) by delving too deep into the wiring without the faintest idea of how it works, you can cause yourself severe thinking difficulties, and there are some nasty surprises waiting for you behind the door.

Although I encourage everyone to question the world around them, to challenge authority, moral, or legal, to not accept indoctrination and dogma, to never stop learning, there is one word of warning,and it’s a serious warning.

Be careful how deep you go down the rabbit hole. Once you have questioned everything, rejected every idea, broken down old patterns, deconditioned yourself, broken free of traditions, what is left?

As I have found out.. a seemingly dark whirlwind of random thoughts, unable to focus on “normal” life… As they say, you’re either in or your out! I wanted to remain in the society, but phycologically, and emotionally remove myself from it! To be physically present but with no attachment to it may be achievable by the Zen Buddhist Masters but not by lil ol me!

To think differently to everyone you meet, everyone you are in a relationship with, every friend, every family member, is an isolating experience… And once you realise that every interaction will be difficult or impossible you start to avoid people in order not to get angry with them for not seeing things as clearly as you…

They then start to avoid you and so the cycle goes!

And with mental health deteriorating you find yourself finding solace in the comfort of strangers and alcohol…

Fortunately I have recognised this and have made a promise to myself to dedicate myself to full health.. and to stop thinking! Well at least about things which negatively affect me, and those who surround me…

This is my promise…

But isn’t it really annoying not saying things or getting involved with things you know will make the world a better place? Sure is. But unless I’m better the world won’t get better will it?

For those of you who feel the same… I invite you along for the journey!

I started my exercise again today, just 40 minutes of yoga, and avoided alcohol, despite feeling anxious and panicked all day… time to rebuild…time to reconnect …time to slow down…to relax… to eat better .. sleep better…love better… and what a time to do it…. perfect.. before the beginning of the new year….