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On the nature of relationships

A personal statement issued by the office of Alan Macmillan Orr

London 17th January 2023

Good evening. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alan Macmillan Orr, or just, Alan and I want to talk to you about something very important today.

For too long I have sat on the side-lines looking in, quietly tutting and shaking my head at the latest murders, environmental disasters, violence against animals and people, despots murdering as many people as they can, governments introducing new laws and taxes every week, companies creating products everyone thinks they need whilst paying people a pittance for their labour, people talking about a god they’ve never met, but want everyone to believe in, schools educating children in everything but themselves, humans spending their lives squabbling and arguing in relationships, promising to love each other till death do us part, then fighting about assets during the inevitable break up.

Minute after minute, Day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade, century after century, millennium after millennium the news media feeds the masses stories of woe a d disaster causing gasps amongst the readers or viewers, glad the latest atrocities, plane crashes, landslides, rapes, crimes against humanity, the planet, the other species haven’t happened to them.

Ladies and gentlemen, the human world has been in chaos since man chose / evolved / was given by god the gift of language and of thought. But maybe not where you live.

Maybe where you live you live in a nice house, work hard, have a nice partner. you pay your taxes you don’t cause anyone else any difficulties, your children go to a nice school, you recycle, buy organic, meat reduce, do yoga, exercise regularly , donate to charity, educate yourself about the political situations and humanitarian crises in the rest of the world…. And you must congratulate yourself on this achievement. You have confirmed and fitted in with a plan that has been set out for you over thousands of years

But at least you are not killing raping destroying the environment trying to control people through your bad actions… At least you are not evil. But the human world is still in chaos. Why is that. All of this good work you are doing.

You may be a militant vegan a militant environmentalist but even with your good work the world is still in chaos

You may be a murderer rapist serial killer domestic abuser child cruelty specialist but despite your death / incarceration these actions still take place every day and the world is still in chaos

You may be uneducated unemployed homeless drug addicted alcoholic but despite all the treatments and programs out there the world is still in chaos

You may be a preacher a rabbi a priest an imam a guru but despite your teachings the world is still in chaos

You may be depressed and suicidal but even when you kill yourself the world is still in chaos

You maybe a politician despot military leader genocidal homicidal lunatic executioner soldier  freedom fighter resistor of oppressors be the oppressor be the oppressed but despite your best efforts the world is still in chaos

You may be hungry starving thirsty frightened because you haven’t got an education haven’t got a family haven’t got a job haven’t got a home because the oppressor willed it to be so or just because you found yourself that way. But despite you playing the victim and people playing the saviour nothing changes the world is still in Chaos

You may be a sex addict promiscuous monogamous perverted twisted like young boys young girls old men young men girls who are boys and boys who are girls be tied up be the tier be the inserted or have something inserted golden shower threesomes foursomes have sex in the woods or in the toilet but even if you didn’t the world would be in chaos

You may be a lover or a fighter a peace activist or a warmonger kind or unkind a meat eater or a non meat eater a helper or a hindrance.

To each word it’s opposite.

Yours is to Yin as mine is to yang. You’re my other half. Owl is to mouse as prey is to predator.

The world needs balance and naturally nature balances it

The world is relationship. perfectly . Perfectly in balance…. if you like it or not and whatever you do you are only affecting your half

Love hate peace war kind unkind nice person horrible person vegan non vegan victim victimiser

Although I do feel sorry for all those trying to make a better world and finding resistance wherever they turn. That’s because they are only concentrating on their half the half that matters to them.

So, if you’re a peace activist battling A regime building weapons of war a lover fighting a hater a vegan fighting a carnivore a government battling insurrection a policeman fighting a protestor a protestor fighting a government a company fighting employees or employees fighting a company…. Whether you are rich or poor hated or loved oppressed or unoppressed murdered or let live…

Stop battling. Understand that you are one half of the problem. Understand that without your action there would not be an opposing action

The word revolution just means a turn of the wheel so don’t even think about that one …. As it won’t be long before the wheel is back where it started …

It doesn’t matter to me because until you realise that in order for this to change you need to fundamentally shift your mind

My name is Alan Macmillan Orr and I have spent too long trying to fit Into a human world I did t create don’t like and know that whatever has gone before is t working… Don’t listen to me I probably don’t know what I’m talking about but that’s ok …ultimately everything is going to be ok and you know why because in the not-too-distant future you and I won’t be here in body to cause chaos any more…but if we don’t fundamentally shift our thinking evolve our beautiful creative destructive minds the wheel will keep turning and our descendants will be in the same boat we are

I though will not be on your boat I have my own  …maybe it’s time you had your own boat too! Psychologically and physically…. you can’t join my boat!

So, what do I plan to do with my Life given this understanding. well ladies and gentlemen that is entirely up to me, isn’t it? But to break the relationship between love and hate it is not merely enough to love …As hate is lying ready to spring its trap. It’s a shame as love seems like an easy answer, doesn’t it? And I do like to be in love ….

love is nice isn’t it.. until it isn’t