A life at Sea?

We all know that the human world is in crisis and there is no way out of this crisis…

A crisis of the human mind. A crisis of spirit¬† a crisis of hope. A crisis of hopelessness. What a shame… such potential. Such possibilities.

Of course, the human mind doesn’t care.. it is a creature of comfort. A creature of habit. Of conforming. Of following.

This is not a national nor international crisis. This is not a crisis made by governments, despots, criminals, the manipulative, the controlling, the violent, or the weak. This is a crisis at the atomic level. A crisis made by electrons and neutrons. A crisis made of matter.

Ultimately nothing matters,¬† even matter, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get hold of these pesky electrical impulses and bend them into doing the right thing! You see , they don’t know the right thing! Although “we” do, don’t we?

It’s chicken and egg time people ! Who is actually doing the thinking here ? Who knows what the right thing to do? Is it the walnut shaped mush encased in your skull? Ot is it you? Are you separate from the mush? Are you creating the thought and the ideas ? Who is in control? Are you?

Time to find out? Who is the programmer?