The Philosophical Sailing Society

Alan Macmillan Orr is a founder member of The Philosophical Sailing Society

The Philosophical Sailing Society’s primary mission is to bring a message of peace from the ocean to people all over the world, whoever they are, whatever their beliefs, and its goal is to relieve suffering through the provision of education, the teaching of resilience and responsibility, and compassionate care for all who need it.

Its primary activities involve understanding where help is needed and directly provide it, whatever that need is, in line with the tenets of the society.

The society is not aligned with any political party or religious institution, receives no government funding, is not for profit, and membership is by invitation only.

Our funds come from its members who either choose to remain anonymous or are directly involved in the society’s work, and from people like you who support our work.

The Tenets of The Philosophical Sailing Society

No one should go hungry

No one should suffer due to a lack of education

No one should suffer at the hands of another

Everyone should be able to experience a life free from fear

Everyone should be able to think freely without coercion and control

Everyone should be able to experience a life of freedom and adventure, without limits.

Compassion is our greatest weapon against the sword

All life is precious on earth

These are the principles by which we live by.


The Founder Members, The Philosophical Sailing Society