Welcome one and all to the April Edition of The Walnut.

This month sees the start of spring in the northern hemisphere with more settled weather on the horizon (allegedly).

it's been a tough winter for many people around the globe, with the usual wars, famines, violence, energy and food insecurity, and poverty but some people will have had a great time, such is the disparity of human existence.

At The Walnut we don't judge anyone for their actions or the consequences which arise from them and we don't name names, as we are better than that (we're not), but each month when I write this I am always saddened and generally angered by the ignorance of the supposed most intelligent species on the planet.

Humans never learn from the deeds of past humans, and although it seems as though we are making progress, the old traits are still there, showing themselves in the local wherever you happen to be in the world, but don't worry, here at The Walnut we haven't given up on you humans! There are so many great people out there that we mustn't focus on all the truly terrible things that are happening in the world today, even if it makes us angry.

So let's continue with our good thoughts and good work sprinkled with a healthy dose of humour to keep making our home a better place to love and live, no matter how dire the situation looks to us.

Have fun out there



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