Do I need all that stuff?

We spoke to dozens of British households over the last few months, who assure us, that, yes, they do need all that stuff...

When researching this article I decided to have a look at all my "stuff" and see if I really needed it. I don't own a house, or a car, but I do have a lot of stuff! And in the past, I have had even more stuff!

I like to think of my self as a modern day renaissance man, when in fact, I am more modern day consumer, and have just as much stuff, and continue to buy more stuff, despite having only a backpack, with a small number of possessions in it. When I need (want) new jeans I buy them, when I want a new laptop, I buy it, when I want new aftershave I buy it, etc... I am no different to anyone else, despite wanting to be free from all the stuff. Even if I don't need it, buying it feels good, and for a short moment in time, I feel pretty damned happy!

From what people told me, they were not addicted to buying stuff, it was the fact that they had a house, and obviously needed to fill it with furniture etc