How good is yure Spellz?

And before you think this is an article about wizerdry, it isn't, although for some people, the subtle art of written effective communication is a mystery!

If you are a user of mobile phones and social media, you may have noticed that language and of course spelling has changed dramatically over the last 25 years, fuelled by laziness, touch screen mobiles, new internet speak, cultural shifts, young people, and a blatant disregard for rules associated with the written language.

The question is not whether it matters, as language has constantly changed over the centuries, and olde english is nothing like modern english, but more the lack of care and attention, ignorance, and the impact poor spelling has on our society as a whole.

Is it that education in correct spelling and grammar is now flawed in modern society, or perhaps it's the same people who were poorly

There's a lot of young people who like to imitate so called "gangster speak" as they feel it gives them street cred, creating new words and slang which identify them as diffrnt to other peeps bruv, and you wouldn't want to challenge them just in case they shank ya. But in my honest opinion, it's not cool, it just makes them sound a little, how you say, pathetic.

But who are we to judge?

How someone uses language says a lot about a person, how they are perceived, what type of social group they belong to, whether people believe they have an aggressive, or peaceful demeanour, but that's not to say someone who speaks and writes well, isn't a homicidal maniac intending on ending all life on the planet!

So it's not just about spelling.

How we communicate with others can impact our lives in the most profound way, limiting or increasing social and career opportunities. Those who speak eloquently are far more likely, I believe, to do well in their personal and work lives, and be able to resolve conflict without resorting to violence.

So it's not just about spelling.

You may wholeheartedly disagree with me, and that's great, as you shouldn't listen to me!

How you use language says everything about the way you think, innit bruv?

Where has the ambition gone to be better, to further oneself - (especially if you come from a disadvantaged background).

When I was growing up, my mum (who came from a disadvantaged background, had to leave school at 14, and went through the second world war) made sure that I learned to spell correctly and speak correctly without resorting to slang.

It didn't make me a perfect person, but it did give me a start in life and I have deveoped my skills in order to communicate with people on any level, whether in positions of authority, my peers, strangers, employers, anyone.

You may think it's cool to talk slang, or exhibit poor language skills, but it seems to me that you are doing yourself a great disservice, alienating people who may think you uneducated, impolite, or ignorant, and limiting possibilities in your life.

Maybe that's the idea.

From the earliest uses of language in human history, the aim has always been to communicate effectively, but it looks like we're going backwards.

To me, language is like a well orchestrated dance, between two or more parties trying to convey something to others; but it's not just the spelling or grammar which is lacking now.

How often do you send or receive a message which just says "what you up to?"

I don't know why it annoys me, but it does - especially from someone who texts out of the blue and I'm in the middle of something else. I know I could ignore it, and it is actually getting straight to the point, but it just seems a bit rude, what do you think?

I used to have an employer who used to walk into my office first thing in the morning and would immediately say "i need that report in the next 15 minutes," or "meeting my office 5 minutes". I used to annoy him by then saying "and good morning to you," "I don't have time for niceties" he would reply.

Good use of language encourages people to warm to you, your ideas, and helps diffuse complex situations, why not evolve your language skillz? You never when it might come in handy.

"Gdluck bruv, i cudnt give a fuk bout ur stoopid lingo ur just a posh cuntz, stupid fukr I'll fkin chiv ya."

"Thx fam"

Alan Mac

Editor, The Walnut